Multiple Arenas

I’m new here so this may be posted in the wrong place.

We would like to connect 3 competition fields to one computer and control all 3 with the tournament manager. Is this possible? If so, how can it be done?

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This is easily possible, when you run your event setup wizard on Tournament Manager. Select Medium Tournament which gives you some freedom. As you go through, you will see a ‘Field Set page’ here you will asked to enter the names of fields on the field set, here you just have to type Field 1, Field 2 & Field 3 (or whatever your fields will be called).

All the field controllers should be plugged in and once you’ve finished the wizard, a window will pop up to configure the field controllers and set them for the appropriate fields.

The user guide may be more helpful then me (

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Hey, adding to the above question, is there any point of getting/using, vex tournament manager if you arnt holding or hosting official/mock tournaments? does it assist in timing, keeping score or anything of simple, one match tracking?

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Yes Tournament Manager is really useful even if it’s not an official event, it will generate and score matches, time them and use field controllers (if you have them) and alliances. If you just wanted to hold simple matches it can, it’s got a wide range of choices depending on what you want

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Thank you. I was hoping it would be that easy. We have been running tournaments with 2 arenas. Not sure why I thought adding another arena would be difficult.

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You will be impressed with the improvement in turn time your event will now have. You’ll have one field playing, one field scoring/reset, one field loading. If your team that is doing queue management (getting teams to the fields) you can do 3 min turns pretty easily.

The TM software rocks. Take a few moments to read the manual, it has an amazing amount of features and things it can do for you. From making team pit signs to allowing you to create custom awards. It will make your life so much easier to run events, you will want to schedule another one for the spring.