Multiple Autonomii via LCD

[FONT=“Times New Roman”]Good evening everyone.
My team has just (finally) acquired a LCD screen, and my programmer cannot figure out how to program multiple autonomii in EasyC with this screen.

I understand that this may be a repost, but I would greatly appreciate any help and/or links you can provide.


the way my team does this is we use 2 potentiometers. the first allows selection in initialize, and the second is a “scroll” potentiometer. to do this place a “while loop” in initialize so that it is active if the first pot is flipped one direction. while the selection is active allow the scrolling pot to display different autonomouses on the LCD (specific ranges of values on pot = specific autonomouses) then once you have the program you want selected turn the first pot the opposite way that it started to “lock in” your auto.

The regular version of EasyC does not include LCD functions. You must have EasyC Pro or RobotC to use the LCD. Sorry! :frowning:

Or you can use the VEX LCD library posted here.


  • Dean

We have the ability to use the LCD, just not the know-how.

are u using easy cv4?

It is best to think of the LCD as two devices:

  1. The display part, for showing whatever you want.
  2. The button part, which is much like 3 additional bumper switches.

The hardest part is writing the code that interprets button presses to change settings. You can keep it very simple and just wait for a button press, and then call one of three functions based on which button was pressed. Or you can write a full menu system that allows you to view and modify various settings.

What do you have any mind? How many settings, programs, etc?


  • Dean

We are indeed using EasyC v4.

As far as our goals go, we’re just trying for the simple button push–>different autonomous, with maybe four or five different autonomii. Would one just make each button a different variable, and then put the seperate autonomii into ‘if’ statements?

that is the general logic in ours. each “selection” writes a value to a variable and then if the variable is a certain value it will run a specific autonomous

Oh yes, I don’t know what I was thinking. Easycv4 has LCD, but not the early EasyC for PIC. I got them mixed up.