Multiple Autonomous Codes

Hi all,

I apologize if this question has already been asked, but is there an easy way to switch between more than two autonomous codes?

Our team would like to easily have 4 or more autonomous codes loaded into our cortex at once. We currently have two that are switched using a jumper clip and one more that we have to download to our robot each time we want to switch to it. We are also planning on adding one more as well. I would think adding a second jumper clip would make the process confusing and hard to remember, but we appreciate the convenience of a jumper. Any advice?

Major Trouble

Yes, there is: potentiometers. You’re allowed to put a graphical legend on your bot if you want. Our team achieved this in this video:


My students have used multiple jumpers in the past, with a note card listing the port for each program. Their main issue was visibility and access to the ports. An improvement would be to run 3-wire extensions from multiple digital sensor ports up to an easily accessible location on the bot, and put a tag on each one referencing the program associated with that port. Put the jumper in the cable of the program you want and away you go.

I believe an LCD is the way to go. Doesn’t waste sensor ports and is very obvious which autonomous you are choosing. We’ve used an LCD for years to choose between dozens of autonomous routines. Of course we still manage to select the wrong autonomous somehow, but it works.

@mwang17 do you mind sharing the code so we can lesrn from it?
His programs have never failed us.