Multiple Autonomous

Can someone tell me how to program the robot with multiple autonomous so that I can change the autonomous before the game starts with the jumpers.

I don’t really know how to upload this type of code with multiple autonomous and I also don’t have any idea about how to use the jumpers.

Any type of help will be appreciated.

Depending on the version of software it will depend. But, basically in initialize or at the start of the autonomous function put.

if( GetDigitalInput(1) == 1 && GetDigitalInput(2) == 1) {
//Jumper not Digital 1 and Jumper not in Digital 2
} else if ( GetDigitalInput(1) == 0 && GetDigitalInput(2) == 1 ) {
//Jumper in Digital 1 and Jumper not in Digital 2

and you keep going like that.