Multiple c++ files in .vex?

Is there any way to have multiple c++ files within a .vex file? I’ve done some searching and I can’t find any evidence that this is possible. It would be nice given that the programs can get unwieldy quickly (especially without a search feature?). I even tried editing the json file within the tar to create a new file, to no avail. Any word on this?

If you want proper support for multi-file programs, you’re probably going to want/need to switch to PROS.

There are future plans to support multiple files, but as of now it is not possible (I’ve also tried).

You would likely benefit from switching to PROS.

It is - #include and an external editor for the external files. You won’t miss the internal editor that doesn’t support elementary things like “find” anyway.
One of my programmers figured out that with Sublime and save-on-focus-lost, you can use VCS as a compiler/uploader while happily and easily editing your files externally. And versioning, if you wish.

Try NotVCS, a python script that can unpack and repack .vex files, it was invented by a member of the ausTIN CANs (2158A) in order to allow for code in multiple files to be used through VCS. Check out the origional forum post
and the github repo

yeah, its pretty ok i guess