Multiple codes on VEX IQ brain

Hi everyone,

I am unable to get multiple lines of code on the robot at a time. I can only download one and when I download a different code on a different number (relating to the number line on the left side) it will just take away the first code I previously had. Does someone know the solution?


Shyam B

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Slot code, on the top near the rename you can change the slot. Did you do that?

This is where slot is selected:

I think your terminology is very wrong, though:

If by “number line”, you mean this:
It will definitely replace your old program. Changing which line the code starts on is different than changing which slot it is downloaded to. Besides, every program has more than one line, so I don’t know what you could mean by

other than that you have several programs, which would be better described like this:

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Off-topic, but now I feel challenged to see how much whitespace abuse the VexCode compiler can take in regards to C… Lines are for humans, the compiler shouldn’t care. :stuck_out_tongue:

Excuse my grammar, but thank you very much for the help!
I wish you and your team the best of luck for the new VEX IQ or VEX V5 game!