Multiple Configurations

.(R1) b. If a Robot has multiple functional configurations, all possible configurations must be inspected
before being used in competition.

We have a bot with a front and rear lift to be used during driver skills. During programming skills, we would like to add a rear bumper to help give a hard stop against the inner portion of the field perimeter for fast/easy/consistent setup. As long as we meet all other rules regarding size and get inspected with the bumper, the adding/subtracting of the bumper between driver/programming skills should be OK, agree?

As long as it is ‘t too drastically of a change, I would have the robot inspected with it, as if you guys remove it your robot isn’t being changed too drastically. This rule is used to prevent robot from having, let’s say, a lift subsection and a shooter subsection of the robot that can be interchanged for each other (like in TP).

We did that at an earlier event. We inspected with the bumper on, then told the inspector we’d be removing it. Since that made the robot’s footprint smaller, they were fine with it.

This should be fine. Rule R6 states that the robot must be inspected at it’s largest configuration(s). So, if you add a bumper for autonomous, but remove it for driver skills, then the robot should be inspected with the autonomous configuration.

a. Teams using more than one Robot configuration at the beginning of Matches must tell the inspector(s) and have the Robot inspected in its largest configuration(s).

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