Multiple Drive Teams

In theory can one person drive on for one drive team (let’s say 888A) in one competition and the drive for another drive team (let’s say 888B) at a different competition if the main driver for the second team is absent and run the back up driver for the drivers main team (888A). So basically 888A would be the backup driver and 888B would be the main driver of 888A. Is this legal. Sorry if this is confusing.

This is not permitted under Game Manual G6

There is no definition of substitute driver. Once a student has been a member of a drive team for a team during the season, they may not be on any other team’s drive team.

What if the event is not a true VEX season event and it is technically a TSA event

RECF relaxed this stance in the Official VEX IQ Q&A, but I don’t know whether the repositioning extends to VRC…

The IQ rules explicitly note substitute drivers.

In previous years they did, but this year the language matches VRC (other than the 2-driver limit and the driver switch) as far as I can tell.

Honestly don’t think it matters. I imagine it may give some EP’s a chance to enforce something if it has been a problem in the past and they have been keeping track. But I would think the majority of EP’s have no idea who is driving for what teams and have no intention of trying to track/enforce this rule.

Assuming that the ruling is the same IQ official ruling (you actually have a reason and aren’t just having your best drivers qualifying multiple teams), you probably would want to explain your situation and show any official rulings that may occur to the head ref before the event starts so as to avoid time delays and confusion later one.

If TSA is operating under VRC rules - then G6 is in force. I do not run TSA events, so I do not know what rules or modifications they use. You should ask that from the event organizers.

If you wish an official ruling, such as the one provided for the VEXIQ G6 question, your team needs to post it on the Official Q&A on

Indeed, that is a common sense point I once made. However, I think it would be good if the same question can be asked on VRC Q&A…

Correct - I expect areas in which this behavior was exhibited, EPs will notice. EPs who only hold one event, might never notice.


IQ G6: <G6> Drivers switch Controllers midway through the Match. Each team shall include
two Drivers. Teams with only one Student in attendance at an event are granted an allowance to
use another qualified Driver from the event.
No Student may fulfill the role of Driver for more than
one Team at a given event, or in a given season.

VRC G6: <G6> Drive your own Robot. Each Team shall include up to three Drive Team Members. No Drive
Team Member may fulfill this role for more than one Team in a given competition season.

Emphasis mine.

Yup, this exception exists because there must be another driver to hand off the controller to. Not so much in VRC.

From the linked Q&A, it seems pretty clear that the intent was not and is not to nitpic and micro manage who is on what team. Any number of day to day factors are acceptable reasons to change teams. The intent is to give EP’s a tool to enforce in instances where an organization uses their top drivers to qualify multiple teams. That is all.

Use common sense when enforcing this rule.

The ruling is for IQ, but i think it is absurd to believe anything else was intended with VRC.