Multiple motor control with PID and single IME

Anyone found way to use PID control in easy c 4.1 to use pid control function block with one ime for multiple motors?
We’re trying to control holonomic drive base rotation to percise position with pid and a single ime on one of the 4 drive motors.
even with encoders in use. Battery power has great impact on stop /coast distance.
thank you

I am not sure if it actually works, but theoretically you should be able to use the GetIntegratedMotorSpeed function to retrieve the current motor speed to a variable and from then you just need to make the motor without the encoder run on that speed.

I don’t know much about easy c, but is it possible to output the PID controller into a variable, and then set the motors to the value of that variable?

Unfortunately not. Its also not possible to set the same encoder on multiple motors.

Ive tried the smart motor control function for multiple motors. But it still coasts .
Sending motor output speed sounds promising. Ill look into that this evening.
Any one tried writing a reverse speed of 10 or so when encoder value is reached? Enough to stop but not drive.
Very frustrated programming autonomous mode rotating between skyrise preload and base. Using encoders but battery strength still has big effect. Also in 8 tournaments this year have yet to see field set up with correct specified distances between preload and base. Have found as much as 1.5 inches too wide.
Thanks to all