Multiple Motors in the same gear train

Hello, if you put two 393 motors in the same parallel gear train, and one motor that was “tired” spun at 80 rpm and the other new high speed motor spun at 160-rpm, what would the resultant torque be at the manipulator assuming the distance from motor shaft 1 (80 rpm) to 2 (160) was 10-inches, and from motor shaft 2 to the manipulator was another 6-inches. Is it a smart design idea to stick two motors driving within a gear train? It seems that if they are not spinning at the exact same speed and torque, then one will just be a slave to the other.

With our robots we use two on one axle, and one with an encoder on it. This combined with some T&E allows us to PID(or something like that, I’m not a coder) and balance them out.

If you add motors together the RPM really should match.

Carl, your guys used two motors to double the torque output and the encoder provides the feedback needed for the PID. Having an encoder allowed the PID, the second motor is just for more moving power.