Multiple program functions

Hello, I’m a bit new to vex iq so I wanted to ask, how do I make multiple functions happen at the same time in Vex iq code?

P.S. I do not have any experience in IQ so this is all coming from coming experience.


If you want two events from a button press to happen at the same time, the easiest way is just to make a new “when button pressed” event block. Same goes if it is a command that starts “when started”, just add another block and put whatever you want to happen at the same time.


I am not very good at text coding, so that is up to someone else to answer.

Check out the functions under Events in VexCode IQ. Also suggest looking at the Examples (e.g. File/Open Examples) and check out the examples shown for Events (e.g. Controller Buttons, Controlling Fling, and eventually, check out the example Using Threads.

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