Multiple Qualifications.....

In NorCal last season we had a few teams qualifying 5-6 times for States which I’m not against but question whether the qualification should again and again be awarded to the same team rather than the runner up who still hasn’t qualified ? Is it then possible if you do end up qualify multiple times do you have the choice to defer the qualification to your runner up ?

In the past double quals have been given to the region’s highest ranked unqualified teams in robot/prog skills. It worked like that at the local and state level and it was the official policy. With the recent changes to skills it will most likely be the same.

what was the question

@Complexist I do know of that process but the question is can you give up the award to the runner up

Totally confusing.

I know that in the UK there comes a point in the season where Nationals places “roll down” if that’s what you mean.
Basically, if the two tournament champions are already qualified for Nationals, then the tournament finalists qualify. If they are also qualified, then the highest seeded semi-final alliance qualifies etc.

No I do not believe that you can. Unless it was set up that way from the beginning. See below.

This is my understanding (as a long time event partner and host of the VRC Wisconsin State High School Championship. The awards that automatically qualify for a particular state’s State Championship from a qualifying event are based on the size of the event and the capacity of the State Championship. This is determined for your state by your Regional Director in conjunction with the event partner for the State Championship (although I think there may be a formula somewhere on the RECF site). Any remaining spaces at State are selected from the Robot Skills scores in the state.
For Example, here in Wisconsin, Excellence, Design, Tournament Champions and Tournament Finalists are typically are automatic qualifiers for state. Once all qualifying events are over, given that there will be teams that have qualified multiple times, there are usually additional slots available at State. Those will be chosen from the list of Robot Skills scores among the teams that have not already qualified until the field at State is complete.

The rules for advancement are here. [edit: fixed link]

However, the issue you bring up of multiple-qualifying teams tends to break down the selection process for regional qualification spots. The general concept is that, like for worlds, if there are spots available at the regional competition, they go to other teams based on their skills challenge score. The problem is that those multiple-qualifying teams often also have the top skills scores as well. The tournament event coordinators may exhaust the skills list and still have room to take more teams.


  1. record your very best possible skills score at some point in the season.
  2. get on the wait list for your regional qualification tournament.

@Doug Moyers missed on the link. Here’s the right one.

(Found on RECF, event partners doc page under event resource tab:

You get to state/region by local tournament awards or by skills over the season. We do not move down the qualifying spot within an event, but add to the skills list for the season. Check with your local RECF person for the official process, but that is how we have been instructed to follow.

Form Page 1:
Three Ways to qualify for your State/Regional/Provincial Championship
• All official local tournaments held at least two weeks prior to the State/Regional/Provincial Championship will qualify their top teams for the championship (details on page 2)
• Leagues within the state will qualify their top teams for the State Championship (page 2)
• Top Skills Challenge scores within the state can qualify for the State/Regional/Provincial Championship
• Teams are permitted to attend only one (1) State/Regional/Provincial Championship

Yes I do realize double quals end up with extra qual spots going to skills. I guess my question is can a team decline an award in its entirety(qual spot, trophy name on robotevents, etc) and the award go to the next team ?

No. Teams earn what they earn, and the advancement rules resolve the multiple qualification issue.

Many times teams look to get an Excellence to get qualified for that award at worlds (if they make it that far - and don’t forget your online challenge entry). So if you got states qualified for tournament runner up last week, you may be still gunning for an Excellence award. And then they may end up winning some other award instead. So double qualified!

As for tournament finalists and tournament champions, winning those gives an opportunity to help your second or third team picks get qualified into states. Choose those partners more wisely. You may have double qualified, but your new best friend now thanks you for helping them to states. (and please encourage those people to do skills runs too)