Multiple Transmitters

For the competitions, we are using two transmitters. We were wondering how to program it to be able to use both of them. I gather it’s something in user_routines.c with the Setup_Who_Controls_Pwms function, but we’re not totally sure on how to change it to work with multiple ones.

The customer then posted: I realized that PWM_in1 - PWM_in6 is the first transmitter and PWM_in7 - PWM_in12 is for the second one.

I have the two transmitters hooked up and working on the robot. But I need to change the control configuartion. Its set now were one transmitter controls motors 1-4 and the second controls 5-8. But I’d like to change the configuartion so that one transmitter controls 2 motors and the second controls the rest. I checked the control section of the inventions guide but i can’t find that control config.

If you can not find the Transmitter to Motor Output Port mapping for your application in the Inventor’s Guide Appendix E, you will need a Programming Kit. With the Programming Kit, you can change the mapping to what you want.