Multiple types of plastic on single robot

Are we allowed to use more than one type of plastic on a single robot as long as all parts meet the other criteria of being able to be arranged into a single 12" x 24" ‘cut area’, etc.?

I’ve searched the forums and Q&A for this but could have easily missed something. The discussions I’ve found are from previous years when this was covered in R10. For Spin Up, this is contained in R9 and R9 is worded differently than the old R10.

Specifically, the second sentence of R10 states “It must be possible to have cut all of the plastic parts on the Robot from a single 12” x 24” sheet, up to 0.070” thick.” It then goes on to discuss the legal materials and size constraints (total surface area and nesting parts into a ‘single’ sheet)

No where does it mention mixing different materials. My interpretation of the 2nd sentence is if “it must be possible to have cut all of the plastic parts on the Robot from a single 12” x 24” sheet” then using different materials violates this. The old R10 didn’t use this language and only talked about surface area and “cut sheet” size.

Using 2 different plastics would make it impossible to satisfy the condition specified in the second sentence.

Any thoughts before I decide to post a Q&A?

Note: What made me even think of this was that we just got some of the new PET sheets in and I was looking into their legality. If my interpretation is correct, then using a VEX PET sheet would disqualify using any other plastic. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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In previous years this was ruled legal via the Q&A.

My interpretation of the verbiage “single sheet” is that all parts, regardless of the material, must be able to fit in a sizing area with maximum dimensions of what’s listed in the game manual. This is to allow teams to use different types of legal, non-shattering plastic while ensuring the total usage of functional plastic abides by the imposed restrictions.


But previous Q&As don’t apply to this season, you should probably open up a new one to be completely sure (and for proof to inspectors at competition).

Right… I guess this could turn into someone having to ask a new Q&A every season…oh wait we don’t have to

I doubt someone can buy a sheet of plastic that is half nylon half polycarbonate, so this Q&A answer allows teams to use different types of legal plastic as they most likely will not be from the same sheet. This also allows teams to use different plastic thicknessess, as most commercially available sources of legal plastic are of one predetermined thickness of another.


Yep, I put together a Q&A once we are done packing for our tournament tomorrow.

(We haven’t used different plastics ourselves… yet.)

With the posting approval delay, I didn’t see this until after I posted a Q&A. And I missed that portion of the Q&A item you posted, I kind of lost focus after it asked about which motor cartridge Grant Cox would be. :frowning:

No harm though, as the new question should be more specific

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I think R9b was the GDC’s attempt to no longer need the “almost-RTM” question in the Q&A each year; because it been asked and answered the same way over and over. But until they specifically say that “different types of legal plastic can be combined” there’s going to be that one inspector out there who questions the rule.


Q&A was answered. Multiple plastic types are allowed.

Q&A #1339