Murdomeek Lexan Cutting

haha, thanks for the compliment!
we just use…


dont think were gonna give our lexan secrets out now do ya? :wink:

They are also the gods of censorship. What a great combination.

Oh… that’s funny, and also helpful.

You Serious? How secret could your secrets even be that they would give anyone whom knew them a large advantage over you or any one else?

Perhaps Murdomeek’s methods are really nothing special, but he doesn’t want us to know.

quoted for a reason? :wink:
haha if you knew me personally, it would probably be extremely obvious!

After years of Murdomeek postings I’d like to hazard the method has to do with the combination of high explosives and Unicorn horn. :rolleyes:

On the other hand postings have been about really nice designs and builds, so I will guess that that Murdomeek is a careful, exacting builder and that an industrial knife is used.

I sense the Dark Arts at work, here…

Or maybe little Elves, with tiny little knives, razor sharpened… Or maybe just a Sharp Utility Knife…

I moved these posts into their own thread, out of the Lexan Cutting thread.
This is a funny discussion, but isn’t really contributing to the main thread and might confuse/overwhelm new users who are searching for relevant info on cutting Lexan.