Murphy's law


We are paired with the best team in the state, but neither of us can make a shot, and our flywheel messes up big time. We lost this match and this was most likely a big factor in that team not picking us.



My friends brothers team was going into their semi finals match at a competition and their flywheel hit a little weak so we suggested putting one more layer of mesh on and he said it was fine and that it would mess up auton. That match, their flywheel was too weak so it didn’t toggle like 3 flags and their autonomous didn’t work anyways. They lost the match.

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Our school’s 4 teams only packed 2 pairs of safety goggles in total, so when 3/4 teams were in a match, the non-drivers had to lend their glasses to the drive team.



State Championships-

Qualis go great-

1st choice alliance partner-

Reaches semifinals-

Battery isn’t fully plugged in during match.




State championship-

Qualifiers fail like usual

Get picked by a good team

Easily make it to semifinals

Autonomous fails by one point

Lose the match by three points


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