Music Downloads

I was just wondering what everyone thought about music downloading. Please put in your input.

Also, tell what service you use to download music.

i dont really download music, i listen to it on the internet from or [

my brother uses iTunes though, and one of my friends uses limewire

is limewire illegal? ->in canada](

Limewire is illegal kind of. You must agree not to use it for copyright infringement. But you can still have it on your computer.

My cousin got me to get like 3 songs from limewire

I too have downloaded songs from Limewire. It is so hard not to. I really do not like paying iTunes, and I do not want to listen to internet radio. I want songs instantly, but I hate paying for them. Oh well. I wonder if the feds will make Limewire illegal???

It still will not stop pirating music that is always going to happen.

I use Rhapsody from Real (Player) Networks.

You have 25 “free” complete song plays per month, and if you restart the song before the end, it will not decrement the Free Song counter (with the current version of Rhapsody, who knows it might change in the future). Each song is 99 cents (USD), I use a prepaid Debit Card.

Each song can be burned to CD 10 times, before you must re-purchase. You can have 3 different computers authorized to play the downloaded songs. Rhapsody seems to have just about ALL types of music, so I can get whatever I am interested in… :wink:

Yeah. Rhapsody is pretty cool.