Music recommendations

Yes, I know there are other threads about music but the problem is that the youngest thread is almost a year old. And for that reason I want to create a new thread for music, as new music gets introduced when time continues. What new published music have you listened to that you’d like to post here?
I have created a playlist and will compose of the songs listed below, only if they are clean and appropriate. I added 10 songs to start it off :slight_smile: :


What are you using the music for? Reveals?

Just music to play in the background while working. But yes, I guess we could talk about reveal music as well.

To start, any music from OneRepublic or Coldplay is great background music that’s not plain like slow orchestra


I generally listen to music while building, programming, modeling, etc. Most times I barely use the music for reveals, although most of my tastes are erred towards robot reveal-esque songs :slight_smile:

ngl I get most of my robotics music from reveal videos.


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