Must Visit Pits

Just compiling a list of teams I’m looking forward to visiting at worlds.

40 - Unique design again? (will they be there?)
44 - Dying to see their pop out drive system
148’s - My FRC mentor who went to Atlanta last year wants me to pick up some Team IFI buttons for his collection, heh.
254’s - Again, Team IFI buttons. And of course A’s awesome robot.
1114’s - Team IFI!
2921 - One of 1899’s members idolize them for their programming prowess…

And of course the teams that frequent on the forums: Gladstone, Exo, PTD, Sabertron, etc. :wink:

Am I missing any? :smiley:

Don’t know about those “Team IFI” buttons, but we made plenty of 254A (and 254) ones, so by all means stop on by and talk with us.

I’ll put in a word for the NorCal gang headed to Dallas - that would be 254, 438 (?), 1000, 1031, 1129, 1337, 1445, 2628, 9339, and 9378…I feel like I’m forgetting a few. They’ll be some pretty cool robots in those pits :cool:.

Anything remotely resembling a connection to an IFI team is priceless for him (was I supposed to get Karthik’s autograph for him? I don’t remember), so no worries!

We’re bringing a 9-person team, so I should have plenty of downtime to look around the pits. :smiley:

The ones no one has mentioned so far: I want to see if 394 made good on their goal of a 110+ point programming skills, and if 368 or 359 made any changes.

@ThirteenTwo - Dont forget to practice your Chinese while there :stuck_out_tongue:

I really just want to see the extremely unique designs. They may not be the best ones, but some are extremely cool.

Stop by 177!

Two solid robots, and (very possibly) free candy served to you by a robot!!!

If you’re looking around for scouting, then of course it makes sense to look at all the teams in case there’s a secret robot, or without a way to broadcast their videos. Teams that have won local competitions are usually a good place to start. In our region that’s pretty much Gladstone, Exothermic, 1107, 5000a and 1346a.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for free stuff, I know 1107B is going to be giving away strategy handouts. They’re a really good way to keep improving how you play after you’ve optimized your robot and driving skill and programming. Of course, we’re not going to hand out all of our tricks…

Syntax Error (1200) has really caught our attention this year, we hope to see them on and off the field :D.

1103, and the 24 teams are also must-sees.

And yes, all the teams listed above are top-tier teams that must be seen in person! No longer are we confined to the occasional youtube video or low-res picture!

And don’t forget 575, they probably won’t be next to the other Exo’s (10_)

stop by all the 1200 teams if you get a chance. We have six teams going to worlds, and we should all be close to eachother, so come see the whole group! We’ve got some unique designs

Come visit the AURA pit in the College area! See our college bots, have a chat with some of our uni guys, and pick up some information about the University of Auckland too. Also, I just received a biiiiiiig box of pineapple lumps (a type of candy that you only get in New Zealand and Australia), and I’m not going to be able to eat them all by myself! It’s almost like ice cream, but not.

Please stop by our booth as well, Techna Pwn Robotics - 3018. We’ll have “Sheila” on display and plenty of buttons to give out as well.

Team 24 would gladly talk to anyone who wants to visit! We’ll try our best to be around the pit areas to chat, but catch us at any time and we would be happy to show you our robots in person! Plus swing by the practice fields if we manage to get the 1-VS-1 “King Of The Hill” competition going, and 24C (and I’m sure any of our other teams) would be happy to play you there. :slight_smile:


come and stop by our pits. we have 6 people from our team going so we will be around. if all else fails find the guy in the mountain dew suit!!!:smiley:

I remember that guy from years past! Always loved seeing him. “Mr. Soda” we named him the first year. :rolleyes: Lol, but yes I hope to see Syntax Error at Worlds!


the guy that was in the suit last year graduated, but dont worry the suit will be worn by someone.

See you at worlds!

Ahh, yeah I figured he may have. Haha, see you there! :slight_smile:


I’ll be by to have pineapple lumps, one of the things I miss from living in Wellington.

See all of Downingtown Area Robotics teams 80-94 we are all in one big pit.

And in the College world see the robots from KTOR!

And I’m one of the Middle School Division Managers, look for me with my “On VEX Forums I’m Foster” button.

Hey now there’s an idea. :wink:


were doing the same thing :wink:
we have business card type things that we hand out with our REAL names and Vex forum alias’

I have a button that says “On CD I’m Foster” that I wear to FRC events. The buttons are nice because people can read them on your shirt/hat. Cards are harder because you need to hand them out.