Mustang Robotics Alumni Symposium Series

Hey everyone! Mustang Robotics or team 507 this year wanted to find a way for high schoolers to learn more about life after high school: college, joining the workforce, and going into the military. So we have invited some of our program’s alumni to come back and talk to us about their past in VEX Robotics, what they did after high school, and what they are up to now. This series is especially useful for high highschool upperclassmen or anyone who wants an insight on getting accepted to and life at colleges: UCSD, SDSU, etc… all while being able to ask any questions you might have. Check out this attached flyer that gives you a brief description of the key topics that our first four speakers have gone over. Our next episode will be on October 16, 2020, @ 6 pm pacific time on twitch, so make sure to join with the link below if you would like to be apart of the live Q and A. If you are unable to attend, no worries you can take a look at our YouTube channel where all the interviews we have done can be found. Hope you guys enjoy our series!
Episode 1-4 Mustang Robotics Alumni Symposium Series
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