My 1000th Post (09-OCT-2008)

This is very Juvenile of me, but this is my 1000th post.

I would like to note that most of my posts are well thought out (and sometime long), and I hope to continue to provide valuable information for you all…

I think that the Vex is just the best thing (since sliced bread, or at least since the introduction of the Micro Processor).

Thanks to everyone here for making Vex Robotics a really nice place to visit…

It is always awesome to see someone so interested in VEX get so active and involved in our community. Unlike those who inflate their post counts with “throw always” your posts are almost always helpful and worth reading. I appreciate you taking the time to be such a positive influence.

Thank you from the moderators, and engineers here at IFI!


Hey MarkO,

Congrats on joining the “four digit” club. I’ll echo what John said: Your posts are always helpful and well thought-out. Never a post without a point, and lots of Graceful Professionalism. I also appreciate the effort you put into adding links to references and backup material when you post.

Thanks for all your contributions!

  • Dean

Thanks for your kind words.

One of my favorite quotes from “Start Trek the Next Generation”, is from Lt. Commander Data to Commander William Riker in Season 1, Episode 1:

“I will endeavor to perform adequately.”

And now back to our (Vex) show…


Congrats on the big 1000, since probably half the posts you made were aimed at helping my growing ignorance (which shouldn’t be happening) I thank you dearly



Thanks for your kind words too…

I am sure that others benefited from your Questions too, they just did not speak up first.

I am running a little late on responding to your Questions on MPLAB, I seem to have messed up (a little technical term) my MPLAB Installation on my Computer, so none of them (v7.20, v7.50 or v8.10) will start.
I think it is time to delete ALL, and Re-Install. :wink:

My posts are never very well thought out for some reason, i don’t know why.
Congrats on the 1000 posts, and they’re pretty much all well thought out. do you work for Vex or something?
and um…just had to ask this… when did pre-sliced bread come out? I think i saw something like that on the history channel

“It is never too late to start” (another cliche). :wink: In come cases, being “impulsive” is better than being “methodical”. You can spend too much time, deciding on what decision to make.

No I work for SilverLeaf Electronics. We just make electronic things (see page 17 of the Spring 2008 Catalog) that require the same types of Programming Challenges that building a Vex Robot can require.

I (once upon a time) worked at a Cannery (A business that does Canning and possibly Freezing) that processed Green Beans, Corn and Squash.

There was one Processing Line called “The Wet Pack Line”, because they would place French Sliced Green Beans and Squash into these folded Cardboard, Wax Coated boxes, that were then Wrapped in Wax Paper and then Frozen in Trays in a big Freezer.

The 3 Pound Wax Wrapping Machine was a Converted Bread Wrapper. I asked the Mechanic in Charge, how could you wrap Bread that was sliced with that machine. He said, that the Bread was un-sliced, and that it was no problem at all. IIRC, that machine was build in the early 1920’s, 1924 comes to mind.

I would guess that in the Bakery, it was most likely replaced with a Different machine that could Wrap Sliced Bread.

So without any Research, I would guess that pre-sliced bread came out in the 1920-1930’s. Anyone know the real answer??

(and YES, I am a real Trivial Person… “Jeopardy” and “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader” are my favorite Game Shows)

Excellent guess! Wikipedia has an article on sliced bread, which says the first practical whole-loaf slicing machine was made in 1928, and that Wonder Bread started marketing sliced bread nationally in 1930.


  • Dean

you are my hero

Many of your posts really helped me and I really appreciate all of your help.
Congratulations and thankyou!

Thank You for your kind comments and you are Very Welcome…

I am looking at your Communication Issues with reprogramming your Vex. I will post some Trouble Shooting test for you to try.

Also I am still working on the Vex On-Line Controller Code v2.x (Available Source Version 0.80 Beta), and Technic-R-C, MPLAB workspace will not open, and some Programing Examples for some other Mentors.

The World Wide Recession has finely trickled down to where I work, and I have been Reduced/Laid Off to Half Time. This means for me, I work at my Day Job, every other week, and in between I guess I will help other Vex Inventors and teach my Vex Controllers to be Self-Aware.

I agree, you have always been extremely helpful.

You actually stayed active for the most part.

I remember you joined before me (long ago) and stayed even after I left (still long ago).
(Both joined around August 06’)(I left around January 2007)

Though I won’t be coming back to observe (I am addicted to Combat Arms now) you should have the RIGHT to be as juvenile as you see fit due to how “adequately” you “perform” .

Thanks again, you have always been great.

“Combat Arms”?? I have been wondering, where you have been hiding. Looks kind of interesting (says the Guy who was U.S. Army Infantry, and has the Blue Shoulder Cord to prove it)

I don’t want to be too juvenile. :wink: It starts to annoy people. :wink: But maybe every once in a while…

Thank You for your kind words… And “best of luck” at “Combat Arms”.