My Article in Make!!!

Hi guys! Just wanted to tell you about an article I wrote for make! Look for it in the reviews section of Make Magazine Volume 19.

Make gave me $100 for a review of Nerdkits! (I’m 12, so it turns out it doesn’t matter what your age is!)

Nice! So how did the process for deciding how much you got paid work?

Now I just need to figure out what to review…

Do they give you money for EVERYTHING that you send in, or does the review have to be purley awesome and make it into the magazine? Oh and thanks for mentioning the Nerdkit. I want one of those now.

If your looking for a start in micro controllers, I started with a minipov3 kit from ladyada that I bought at a maker fair in Austin, Texas.

I don’t know how they decide. They just said “we’ll give you $100”. I think they judge by amount of words and quality of work.

I think they have to give you money if it’s worthy. They say you’ll get 25 - 100 dollars for a review and more for an actual project.

How long was your review?

I wrote 230 words.

WOW!!! $100 for 230 words! sweet!

I could probably write that in 15 minutes.

Hey, I just got volume 19 but I can’t find your review. What page is it on?

Do you know the page with the reviews sort of at the end? That’s were it is.



At about a third of the time it takes to do middle school homework, you can earn $400 and get some cool vex parts! Yay!

You mean the toolbox section? Maybe I’m just crazy but I have searched every page of the magazine and searched on the digital edition but I can’t find it.

Sorry… I feel like a N00b. It’s in volume 20. lol

That’s what I was thinking lol np.

Volume 20 just showed up in the digital editions page; Your article is great!!

Thanks!!! I can’t believe it!