My Bot Idea

With so many people discussing their ideas on different aspects of the robot(Drive, Lift, Intake), I thought I would join the conversation and display my ideas as food for thought(or laughingstock). Here goes.

I am planning on an H shaped[12.5"x12.5"(25 hole)] drive with 4" Omnis on each corner each driven by a separate motor(HS motors). I would have one 13" chassis rail on each side with the wheels on the outside. Then run two 12.5" C-Channels down the middle at 5" from each end of the rails. Questions?

I plan on attaching one 15" small angle piece on the opposite side of the chassis rail as my wheels. Then I will attach another of the same metal piece with standoffs to the other one. Repeat the before on the other side. These will be the towers. Then mount a double reverse four bar onto the top of the pillars. The first section of the DR4B made of 4 bars will be 17.5" C-Channel the second section will be made of 2 17.5" C-Channels. The third section will only be made of two 17.5" C-Channels as there will not be two sides of bars, simply one vertical row of two C-Channels that would look like a “u” or “n” depending on the way they were oriented. The would be powered by four motors on the base tower the ratio will be a 15:1 external and Turbo Internal. DO THE MATH, IT SEEMS CRAZY, BUT IT IS IN BETWEEN A 7:1 TORQUE AND A 7:1 SPEED! Questions?

Mobile Goal Intake:
On the bottom of the second section on the DR4B I will run a C-Channel across and attach some hinges that are a little out from the actual lift metal. I will then put a 7.5" C-Channel out on each side going like an “n” or a “u” they will be spaced to fit under the lip of the mobile base and lift it when the DR4B lifts. Questions?

Cone Intake:
At the top of my DR4B I will run a C-Channel across and mount a solid C-Channel going out while beside it I will have a horizontal linear slide with a C-Channel attached to the moving box. Both C-Channels will have anti-slip mat. Then I could drive up to a cone and move the linear slide C-Channel it to grip the cone. Then simply lift it up. Questions?

I am not sure if I am interpreting the drive section right but you should always have a bar on the outside to support your drive. You should think a bit more into the DR4B and how big you want it to be along with how you are going to power it. A two stage gearing really is never needed unless you are working with a flywheel, you will lose a decent amount of torque by having that ratio.

??? A turbo internal 1:5 wouls be a 2:5… not sure how you think thats faster than 1.4:7 Or a 1:7 its a .4 speed vs a .2 speed and a .14 speed, so its double the speed of a HS 1:7, not judging because thats my ratio, but your math is off

I’m using a DR4B as well, but if the high goals are

I’m actually not using a DR4B, but merely a simple 4B. I know. I’m crazy. but, when you think of how the high scoring zones are only 2ft, and how my gear tower is already 2ft tall, not to mention the 2ft long bars I use, I think a DR4B might be overkill, depending on your tower and lift height.

for my robot, I already have:
a 4 ft high(fully extended) 4B lift and tower,
a 3 wheel drive train. its insane, but it works. I have 2 normal wheels on the outside of a box, and one omni wheel on the inside, allowing controlled turning, and controlled movement.

I’m not sure about intake yet… I was thinking something similar to the 24 hrs video…

It says turbo 1:15

the problem with a simple 4b is that its not 100% vertical lift, it does this while a rd4b stays a constant distance from your cone pile

also, a 1:15 just introduces more friction, why do that when you could have a 1:7 or 1:5 with more flexibility with internals
Drawing (6).png

@9065_parker I can do it with ** SPROCKETS! ** Ba dum Ch
I like the sprockets better since they cannot slip or grind like gears. Their max 1 stage ratio is 1:5.

For Reference:
1:7 Speed =about 23 RPM
1:7 Torque =about 14 RPM
1:15 Turbo =about 17 RPM
I have seen videos of each speed and want something in the middle.

How do you end up at 2’ towers when the starting height limit is 18"?
Can you somehow extend them after match start?

@Robot Guy yeah, but with the playing objects being so light, you dont need that high of a ratio, i’m going 1:5 turbos with 2 motor RD4B, and it works fine with the objects.

edit: maybe he’s in vexU? you’d get 24 that way

But I am planning on also using this lift for the Mobile Goals. For more info see original post under “Mobile Goal Intake”

How will you even be able to control that XDDDDD
That’s insanely fast. I think a torque 1:7 is about the perfect speed…

Same though!

pid and presets :slight_smile: besides faster is always better, and its still not as aggressive as i was originally planning

Yea because instead of that horrible grinding of the gears or slipping, snapping chain is better… (sarcasm)

used chain all of this year with a two stage gear ratio never broke in competition

i did at the beginning of the year, snapped like crazy, never using it in a high torque application again.

was it high strength chain(I assume it was)

During worlds, the opposing alliances were very lucky and a chain on our claw broke twice during the match. Since we were reliable, though, our robot was still able to dump 1 cube + 2 stars easy with a claw broken.
EDIT//: But yet again, I highly advise not using chain for your lift, because a stripped lift gear in certain areas can still keep you working, as a broken chain practically disables you. Another thing, the time our claw broke the first time was during the practice match, and the second time was a qualification match when we were with a pushbot.

Boy, everyone but me seems to have had problems with it