My brain is broken

Hi, when I turn my robot brain on it will not stay on if I let go of the check mark and no I don’t just quickly press it, also when I hold down the checkmark to keep it on it just makes the sound and stays blank screened, I tried to hold the check and both arrows to fac reset it, but my pc will not connect to it, the screen brightness also twitches, I made sure the battery was charged. Pls give possible help.

Contact VEX support, but before you do that wait for more experienced users help

Ok i will wait a couple days for any other responses

We had the same issue, connect your laptop to robot brain and leave it then go into driver control drive it back and forth then take off the plug then it will work.

I will try that thanks

Don’t wait, call VEX support. If the factory reset doesn’t put it back where you can download, there is other issues.


Very much this. User groups who aren’t in on the technical guts of a problem can come up with hacks to get round things, but if there’s an underlying issue, you’ll only be free of it via contact with Vex. They’ve resolved a couple of issues for me very quickly with no fuss on occasion.

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