My "brilliant" Idea?!

So for getting the star to the catapult or something, I had the idea to use a bottom conveyor belt! Now, that might seem crazy but let me explain my thinking!

So, basically, the conveyor belt is located on the bottom of the robot so that the star/cylander is being moved from under it! Then, if you have ever seen the scoop of a backhoe would then be loaded by the conveyor belt and would then just scoop up the object and like shovel it up and over the fence kinda like what a big scoop machine does with gravel!

So what do you guys think of that idea!?!

Dang! That idea is incredible for this, I should’ve thought that.
So… Like a conveyor that goes between the legs at the bottom that could be able to intake?

I was thinking of a similar thing. The only problem is that a flat scoop might be more efficient, as the conveyor scoop would be quite thick. if you find a way to get the conveyor flat (like ~0.5 inches), that would be great. I just have the feeling that unless you can get to that thickness, flat scoops might be faster. Also sacrificing a motor for a function like that may not be the best for motor allocation. You can definitely make it work though!

If I’m picturing this correctly this is a pretty cool idea, good luck making it work!

I really like that idea @Radmaster_builder23 ! (And here was I thinking all the ideas were out already)

Perhaps the only concern I would have is the necessary clearance along the ground. You’d definitely want the conveyor to be as fast as possible, maybe even turbo internal geared, but then it absolutely can’t touch the bottom field tiles or the conveyor would stall from the friction. I think that as you start factoring in the spacing needed and the height of the roller itself, it might become increasingly more difficult for the star to jump past the “threshold” at the start of the conveyor.

I could envision a polycarb bottom with rollers along the side of the polycarb to bring in the stars, but I think that takes up too much space and prevents you from adding the critical crossbar on the base.

I hope you can get this interesting design to work, and I’ll be interested in seeing the final result!

I came up with this (I spent the last few days literally like spending all my time thinking about vex (I dreamed several times which is wired because I usually don’t remember dreams) so don’t feel bad about not having an compleatly original idea, after all humanity is the cumulation of its shared ideas) its a good idea it has a few implication problems such as getting the actual stars, and speed. but otherwise great idea. gl and hf prototyping send a vid : )

That could work or what about using neumatics as a puncher that is located under the object! So you use the coveyor belt to intake it, then it sends it down to a flat surface where the puncher using neumatics is located?!

You could always make your intake part of your catapult, like a forklift that passively intakes the stars then throws them while on the forklift

why don’t you guy’s also add a reverse double 4 bar lift with the conveyor

Where would you put the DR4B? How tall would it lift? I am still confused why this is advantageous. Please enlighten me.

Stop thinking about RD4Bs, please. This is the pinnacle of over complicating a robot, the height is completely unnecessary.

+1. Even if you are trying to hang using the same lift, an RD4B is bigger, heavier, and taller than a lift needs to be, which means it’ll probably make it harder to hang, not easier.

That was an idea that my team was hoping on using, from our prototype of it, it was a bit slow, but it did work. :slight_smile: We didn’t want to go any faster and we wanted it geared more for strength.

Ok, so if using neumatics is not a good idea, then what about using a “spring” method to punch the object over the fence!?

This would work. Are you thinking of something like a rubber band powered catapult or a linear puncher? Or something else?

To be totally honest, I have not gotten that far yet! It was just a rough thought but something like that could work! But what are some different ways that could be made

Or what about like a catapult that is located on the base of the robot? So when the object falls of the conveyor belt, it will be shot up by a bunch of wide C-channels screwed together to make a platform!

Now, what are some of your ideas for climbing the pole at the end of the match?
The thing that I know for sure is that wouldn’t it be better to have a lighter robot to climb the hanging bar? And having a “tanky” robot in order to shoot the stars and cubes over the fence?

But, one thing that I need to know is if you are allowed to lift your team so that they can latch onto the pole?