My "brilliant" Idea?!

Next time please put all of that into one post. I am not sure how you would build a spring. a conveyor belt is probably not necessary if you have a platform catapult. The robot isn’t necessarily constrained by either hanging or scoring, many robots will do both. Yes, you will probably we able to lift your team if you want to.

Specifically about lifting your partner robot: It is currently completely legal, but I would strongly advise against it.

Hanging is effectively a trade, whereby you trade the ability to pick up stars and score/descore them for a 12 point bonus. Having one robot disabled is bad enough, but having both robots stuck in the corner for the last five seconds or so is a recipe for disaster. If the other robots can throw a few stars over and get a single-robot lift themselves, they can easily turn the tide of the match.

Besides, most robot designs are inherently light this year, because robot “density” is low - the objects are big so you need volume but not mass. I think that once you find an effective means of grappling the pole you should be set to self-hang without worrying about the alliance partner.

Something like this?link text what about a puncher that punches the stars under the fence but hard enough to get in the far zone

You won’t be able to hit the star consistently with a puncher, also wouldn’t you want the mechanism to be able to get the cube under too? Punchers will NOT be effective this year

Catapults with a broad base look like the way to go this year.

I’m confused by this. Does anyone have a sketch?

This? Which thing


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