My cad reveal

Here is may cad I have been making for the last couple of days. It is a snail bot design close to what 99999V has. I just has a couple of things that I think will make the robot better in terms of efficiency. Please tell me any thoughts you have on how you think this can improve.
Specs :
4 m 200 rpm (5/3) with 3.25" omni wheels Drive
2 m 600 rpm with 12T Indexer
2 m 600 rpm 3.25" omni wheels, 3.25" traction wheels Intakes
Side note:
If you are confused with any plates, or gears, or angled plates they are meant to be place holders sense there are no sprokets, chain, hinges, or battery clips.
If you want any more adition pictures of anything I am happy to upload them.


Looks very cool! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you it took me a lot of time to make this and this is my first one. All the cads I wanted to use either cost money or I couldn’t figure out how to use. I will do the job. It does look amazing or anything like 99999v’s but it will do.

You can obtain free educational licenses for Fusion 360 and Inventor through Autodesk’s website.


I think Solidworks also has free licenses for education too.

Thank you both Yuanyan1727G and CNguyen425 for telling me that. But which one do you think is easier to use and get to the vex parts.

Inventor. That’s what I use. There’s even a parts library with a dedicated support team.

  • Solidworks made my computer slow way down, and I had been using it for school for a while and it still took me a long time to figure out how to cad a robot.
  • Fusion 360 still made my computer slow down but not as much, I had never used it before but I was able to start cading a robot as soon as I got parts onto fusion

I would use Fusion 360, also if you have a team that also wants to cad fusion can do team files…

Here’s the VEX Inventor server


If you have Mac, you should use fusion 360 since it is supported on Mac. I have never used inventor (because I have Mac) but if I could, I would use it because it has Imates.

To comment on this, as a mac user, I have windows installed as a partition. Then I can switch back and forth when I need to use inventor. I did this because I have used inventor for a while, and am comfortable with it, but wanted a mac for other purposes as well.

My parents don’t really want me to mess around with windows partitions. I’m hoping one day I’ll get a laptop.

It can be an issue if you’re not sure how to do it. I wouldn’t advise doing it if you don’t have experience or have planned how to do it. Maybe take it to like best buy? Geek squad could probably do it if you’re not sure.

Well, it’s an old Mac and it’s probably not worth messing around with it. My family also uses the Mac so I don’t want to mess anything up.

I have a windows 10 laptop by hp. I have started installing inventor with the free school silence.

Mac be blowin heavy air with fusion 360 though


Yah I bet they would.

That’s understandable. I was just throwing it out there as a suggestion for any mac users who may be interested.

I love Solidworks but unfortunately the discount they offer to students only brings a 1 year licence down to $150 which is still prohibitive for most of my teammates just learning CAD. I switched over to Fusion 360 so that other members of my team could have a path to learn CAD without the initial investment.
(These numbers are recalled from memory so take them for what they are worth)

You can get a free copy for all of your team members through their sponsorship.

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