My Camera System Addition to Flex I made this for the new flexx (The previous ones didn’t work out as well. At least I learn I lot more when I take bigger jumps ahead) version USI (universal system interface) which will include a few systems that work together wirelessly. This is the camera system. It’s sort of like a mini-system included with and unremovable from the base of the bot. There will also be a huge plug that will allow you to plug in a “non-wireless system” that the robot will recognize by a different resistor and ask if you would like to download and run the correct application. It will download the application via the vex net from the stationary unit which includes the laptop, an MCU, and hardware.For example, this summer, I’m going to try to make a lemonade making application so that I can sell lemonade and all I have to do is load the ingredients and specify how much to make. BTW I heard of an SD card a while ago that transmits data wirelessly to a computer. That might be useful.

PS since I’ve got a bit more experience, I won’t have to pester you guys anymore. :slight_smile: jk

wow just one word TRIPOD i’m a little dizzy after that hahaha it looks like you have a good idea there and it seems like you have solutions to most of you problems

I believe that thing is called the Eye-fi? Or Eyefi? Or something like that. I think I’d like one myself :slight_smile:

Its called the Eye-FI. It’s an SD card that will send pictures and video via wireless to your computer.

This is cool work, keep posting your progress.

Thanks guys! I’m going to give updates. This summer I’m going to try to get more part money by reviewing stuff for Robot or Make. I got a book about C and now all I need is a Vex Net, an LCD, a 5v voltage regulator, and some wireless modules.

The typing system has been updated, I think I did a good job. It’s a lot better than the last fast, dangling, unpresice one. Just have to figure out how to properly center the laptop and I’m done with this section - except I just need a solenoid to hit the buttons - no big deal.

I’m thinking about giving it ports for “locomotion applications” so that it can use treads ,big wheels, or vex legs for rough terrain, such as a yard or sidewalk.

Updates soon to come! :slight_smile:

please do tell. how did you end up with an awesome job like this

I don’t really have a job, I’m 11. Anyone can write a review for make and I think Robot takes in articles. If you submit a review to make, you gey from $25-$100. I wonder how much you get if you write a whole article about an invention!

I’ve worked on it and now and the robot is able to drive around and take pictures. the base is now sturdier so the camera won’t wobble too much. No video yet.

I’m not sure what you’re currently using to control the camera, but it might be worth noting that the Canon Hackers Development Kit (CHDK) allows a Canon Camera to be controlled to a certain extent by the USB port. This greatly simplifies the mechanics.

I’m just using a servo to press the button. Nothing special. I’m using a kodak camera that I don’t want to hack or possibly break. I’ll just go with the servo in my video.


I am very impressed!!!

You have many of your Designs, Documented with Pictures in the Media Gallery and on your Web Site. You experiment and make mistakes, but learn from them, and then improve your designs. You ask question here to improve you knowledge of Vex and Robotics. You are thinking of writing Articles to share your knowledge with others (and make some money for new Robot parts), and your only 11 years old…

I can barley imagine what problems you will be solving at 20 and 30… :wink:

Keep up the good work…

Thanks! I’ll definitely keep up the good work! When I’m older, I want to start a robotics company and use robotics to make a difference and possibly help reverse global warming. I’ll try my best!:slight_smile:

Hi… I have an update. I forgot to post here sooner. :

Where can you get the application to write a review? I’d like $25.

Thanks! I shall use this newfound wealth to create even more robots to dominate the world- i mean… uh…

Ah HA!!! So NOW we know your true agenda

Bring out the Torches and Pitchforks!!

"I am McMahon of Borg. You may already be assimilated. "

(Almost totally pointless post, to balance my very pointed posts)