My catapult keeps disconnecting from it's spot

So the robot we have on my team is a catapult robot, and a recent problem we have is that it gets ripped off its pegs whenever it flings. I don’t know why this happens, but my main theories is that there’s too much tension, it’s too powerful, or it’s just not supported enough with the pegs.

Was there a question in there that I missed, or are you just commenting? If you do want help, try

  1. explaining your problem,
  2. explaining your problem better, and
  3. posting pictures.

I have a lot of questions primarily because I have no idea what you want help with, but I’m deciding to tell you to explain yourself better rather than ask them all.


Well I’m mainly trying to find ideas on how to fix the problem with the catapult disconnecting. Sorry for not explaining better.
(I can’t post pictures right now tho)

This is a(nother) good example of not explaining yourself. Nobody has a clue what you mean. What even is the catapult disconnecting from? I could ask five other questions, too, but I’ll refrain from doing so until you explain yourself properly.

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Try adding more pegs. Also add rubber bands (to help hold it down)

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@242EProgrammer I believe N33334Z is trying to say that the catapult keeps breaking off of the robot chassis like this (minus my hands)

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And then why is the catapult connected to the chassis? If you mean the base of the catapult, use more pegs, use capped pegs, and we need pictures or lots of description.

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Yeah that’s kinda what’s happening with it. Except almost every peg slot is filled and there’s really no more room. We’ll see what we can do though!

Also honestly I don’t know what it’s connected to. It’s in a weird middle part between the 4-bar and the chassis.

Ok, I kinda know what you need to do, but it’s hard to explain. The best I can do is say, don’t have the catapult attached in such a way that when you pull up on the catapult, it pulls apart the pegs that are attaching the catapult base to the chassis. Have it something like so when you pull up on the catapult it would be like pulling the blue bar in the video above to the right and the gray one to the left. You see how the pegs would not come out that way?

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There are a few threads discussing this. Try a search of the forum for ‘catapult breaking’ and come back if you are unable to correct your issue with the information in those threads.

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