My clawbots claw won't move up and down

My clawbots arm won’t move up and down I tried uninstalling the brain and wires also motors my competition is on Saturday the 19 and my vex practice is tommorow so tell me by today at any time or tomorrow from 3:00 to 3:30 plz my group is varsity for like 3 years plz help us

Does the motor work on its own or not work when it’s on the arm

When it’s bye itself on a different part it works but not on the claw

If you think there is a problem with your code, please copy and paste it into a reply (remember to wrap it in [code]…[/code] tags for formatting), otherwise it is very difficult to figure out what’s wrong with it.

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A photo also might help if you can get around to it

Well we aren’t using a cod we’re using the controller not the fancy stuff

Well I get it to you tommorow I don’t have any

Assuming you have built the stock clawbot IQ, and are controlling it using the on-brain “driver control” feature, make sure that all motors are connected to the ports specified in the instructions.

Can you give me another way to fix it I really need help

They are
We also up graded changed the brain and every thing

If I can’t get I fixed I’ll try to work around it😅

I’ll send pics at like 3:30 or so

Plz keep giving me tip

Will the motor run from the “Device Info” menu on the brain?

Have you made sure that the drive axle is inserted into the motor?

Is the motor mounted in the correct orientation?

My apologies if some of these seem a bit obvious, but these are all issues I have seen people hit with the IQ clawbots - just trying to cover all bases here

I’ll try the first one but I don’t have my robot I have vex on Tuesday and Thursday

I’m only a kid but I I’ll try to do anything to help me and my team

So I need help I don’t have pics but I will send the tomarow but my claw won’t move up and down we don’t have time to re build it are competition is on oct 19 so plz tell me anything that can help I need it I’m in 5 grade it’s my second year doing vex so can you plz help me it’s claw bot IQ that I have problem with

Is the gearing too low? I don’t know too much about iq.

Hi Natalie,

You already started a thread about this a few hours ago - further help is unlikely to be possible until you are able to do some additional debugging or provide some additional info. Most people aren’t on the forum with sub-hour frequency so creating a new post every couple hours is unlikely to result in much.

Please let us know in the other thread when you can try the things I suggested (or anything else), and I or someone else will be happy to give you some further help.

@DRow can we merge the two threads?

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If you hear the arm motor moving, but the arm doesn’t-

1.) Axle is not in the motor far enough
2.) Gear or sprocket is stripped (the little square hole in the center of the gear looks like a circle now)

If you hear a high pitched screaming sound -
the motor is trying to move, but can’t.

1.) Look for something physical blocking movement like a structure beam hitting another part, or if you put pins in a part that is supposed to move.
2.) The load is too heavy. Add rubber bands or increase gear ratio or make the load lighter.

If you don’t hear the motor at all-
Go to “device info” in the brain menu and see if the motor is recognized by the brain, and if it will work by pressing the check mark. If not, you might have it plugged into the wrong port for the default program. You also might have a bad cable going to that motor (very unlikely!).

Good luck! Troubleshooting is hard, but you’ll learn a lot while looking.