My Comprehensive Guide for Inspectors, Especially Novice Ones (Updated 2/8/2020)

Last year, I wrote a guide for inspectors that goes into great detail for every item on the inspection checklist. I believe it is far superior to the official one. I trialed this document at VRC competitions in the West Tennessee area. Feedback so far from inspectors and referees, including the head referee at the TN State competition, has been overwhelmingly positive, and all have found my guide incredibly useful, especially if they had never inspected before or had limited experience. I now have decided to release it to the masses. I would appreciate any feedback on this guide.

The guide lists every item on both checklists in the order they appear on the checklists, with separate volumes for both the Cortex and V5 systems. It also has printouts of both checklists, at the beginning of the guide.

Last revised: 2/8/2020
** 2/8/2020

  • Revised language regarding share of teams with V5.
  • Added recommendation for multiple sizing tools at large events.

** 2/7/2020
Original release (Last revised 11/22/2019)

Things to do:

  • Make a proper table of contents
  • Better title?
  • Clean up language to make it more clear and concise.
  • Other things that will be based on the feedback I receive. Please note that this document is based on my experiences as an inspector in West Tennessee. After enough feedback is received from a wide variety of locations, I will update the document to ensure consistent practices.
  • Post the document in MS Word format for editability.
  • Style revamp to improve presentation.

The Inspector’s Guide Tower Takeover 2-8-2020.pdf (1.5 MB)


you say that inspectors will likely have a majority cortex teams, I think that’s probably inaccurate, I’ve yet to attend an event with more than 10% cortex teams.


This document is based on my experiences as inspector here in West Tennessee. I’ll edit this once I have further feedback from people from across the country to ensure consistent practices


Of 5 events I’ve reffed so far this season, only 1 has had any cortex robots at all, and then it was only 2 out of 24.

The V5 shipping issues have pretty much been resolved by now, for the most part teams that want V5 have it by now.


My events have only had 1-2 cortex bits out of 24.

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Living in the West Tennessee area and knowing it, I could see there being more Cortex teams. That’s not the reality of a majority of areas.

Onto the document- One sizing tool for a moderately sized event of 24-36 teams leaves a bottleneck. I would recommend you have at least 2, preferably 3-4, space and volunteers permitting. I know I’ve run events where we’ve had 6-8 inspector stations running simultaneously.


Based on the feedback received regarding share of teams with V5, I’ve revised the language regarding that to say that at least a majority will have V5, just to be on the safe side.

A further revision may be posted tonight after I get home from the competition I am currently refereeing.


We’ve never had cortex in east pa, putting it out there