My Cortex Isn't Having A Good Day

I was using my VEX Cortex, and went into RobotC to update the Master CPU Firmware. The main battery was plugged in, but NOT switched on. It had a full charge. Under RobotC, I clicked on the Master CPU Firmware update button, and it rebooted the Cortex into bootloader mode. (or so I think) Once it rebooted, RobotC did the progress window of “waiting up to 15 seconds to reboot into bootloader mode” and once it hit 15 seconds, RobotC said it couldn’t find the robot. Check the USB connection, and the robot battery is turned on. At that moment, I looked at the cortex and saw a weird LED pattern (YouTube video showing LED pattern here: ). I then freaked out and began searching the entire VEX Robotics forum. I saw someone say that a paper clip (or in my case a VEX screwdriver) held on the config button would do the trick. So I did. Video here: . But it’s still not detected by the system. Windows is detecting a new USB device, but RobotC nor the VEXos utility see it.

Help? I don’t know if my cortex is still within warranty.

EDIT: Someone helped me fix it. The solution is under “Cortex help” here:Cortex help