my cortex restarts without power cycle or reconnection

My cortex on my robot keeps restarting even though it doesnt lose conection. All of the conection lights stay green but everything resets and the lcd display goes imediatly to startup. It is on a competition template and it’s a relatively long code. I’m not sure what to do.

Probably a bad battery connection. Do you use a battery extension cable?

Yes i did but the thing is the lights never change. In 3 years of robotics i’ve never seen this happen.

A 9 volt backup battery will keep the lights green.

what exactly do you mean, do they stayy all green? or what happens because it sounds like a bad battery connection

This has happened to us before. What we did was we tied down the key to a part of the robot that doesn’t really move a lot.

They do stay green? Usually if it loses connection all the lights flash red and and it reconnects via keys but this time it stays connected to the keys and it doesn’t lose power but it still restarts the code.

are you connected to a computer? maybe its messing up using the inbuilt competition switch?

Nope its connected via keys to the controller with no switch connected or computer.

Try unplugging and replugging the vex nets, then taping them down.

Not all the time the all blink red. When you have the back up connected they might just flash green.

no backup battery and its been doing that for a while with several keys and after multiple firmware updates. Oh and its completely random.

so what color are the lights on the cortex?

All green. They never change.

Is it controllable with the remote.

Yes you can control it but it randomly restarts the code. It stops like the battery disconnected but you would never know it restarted by looking at the cortex.

Post your program

Oh god ok.

just send it to me. Attach it as a file.

The other thing i can think of other than the code is that the wifi key losses connection with the robot.