My first idea

I had the idea of instead of having a lift. have something push down to raise you up. i thing it will give you more space to fit more blocks in it. tell me what you guys think.:crossed_fingers:

First thought: Bots are heavy, cubes are light. A unique idea though.

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Bot weight will play a part at one point, and it seems slow since you can’t really go fast up and down if you want a stable bot.

My first thought on the idea was having a scissor lift that pushes you up, but that seems unstable, and if the contraption were to jam or get stuck on something, it’d be hard to maintain balance and stability, which might end up causing some damage somewhere.

It’s a creative idea though! Keep thinking like that and maybe you’ll have a highly successful robot!

Definitely a unique idea, but a few problems that I see. In my head, I see a robot like the FRC Recycle Rush game in 2015, but with the bulk of the robot on top.
-Will you raise in the beginning and stay there? If so, do you have an intake on this lift to grab cubes? Do you have a way to get these cubes out into the bulk of the robot from the lift?
-Have you considered driving over the goal zone barrier and tipping over?
I’m not trying to be hard, It’s just an idea that I’ve never heard before and it deserves some thought.

Waste Managment Recycle Rush

Fixed it for you


Thank you. (20 character limit)

I talked to my team an we had the idea of just having a hollow chassis, if you know what I mean. I am working on a design on a cad. I will post it as soon as I am done.

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If you look at the 2015 First robotics game, there was a popular design that I think is what you are describing. I think its a solid idea but you just need to find a way to score the stacks you have picked up.


That’s the one.
(20 character min)

the video is blocked on my school Chromebook so I will have to watch it when I get home

I thought that that was a good idea. we could even make it go that high

Depends on how you allocate space for brain/electronics, but you could conceivably make a very lightweight upper platform that could lift itself over the cubes with a manipulator. If you prototype it, we’d all love to see it!

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Every year, I try really hard to make something like this work. But it’s just never really worked out in strategy or gameplay.
TossUp and Sack Attack would’ve been my games to do it with. But I wasn’t around then.

Edit: Maybe I’m just not creative enough, but I haven’t seen any really good way to do it.

I am working an a prototype but I’ve got quite a bit of work to do

well here is a link to the copy of it feel free to leave comments in the description part

It crashed my browser. :frowning:

Oof, the one browser to run them all

I see. You have a pushbot.

it isn’t done yet . I am still working on it

why post a link to a closed media?

Good luck with you endeavors