My first idea

Source code is private, we can’t see it if you have some, can’t leave comments in description anyway - just in our own “projects”, bot looks a basic beginning; you need to make it public (in the “Options” gear icon) if you have code, and are willing to let people copy…

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Make what works? Hollow chassis?

Well… you can try taking a look at 8059C Skyrise - singvex version.

i know this is dumb… but I couldnt find that reveal vid (or pic) … lol…

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A chassis that moves vertically, lifting up the wheels. It’d replace a lift by lifting the whole robot instead. It probably would just about never be a good idea, but it would look cool.

Sorry it took me a while.
But finally found it - our skyrise hollow/through chassis robot.

It was since 2014… but hope there is still stuff that might be useful for you.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a continuous chain elevator on a competition bot - that looks really cool. Thanks for sharing!

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i don’t have a code. i kind of don’t know how yet.

other wise i would. if it worked