My first Robot

this is my first try at the vex kit…
i was aiming to do a grabber but instead i did a rubber band launcher :smiley:

very cool robot, how far do the rubber bands go? maybe next you could try to make like a rubber band catapault :smiley:

they go around 10 feet and if u put lots of bands and keep the button pressed is a gatling gun… i like to torment my little dog :smiley:


any ideas how you could make like catapult :D? maybe like a gravity feeder loads ping pong balls down into the little rubber band that shoots the ball when the gear turns like yours, but i wouldnt know how to reset it. :frowning:

what kits did you use to make that? gear and chain?

edit: :smiley: i just made that, it works sweet, maybe you could take those limit switches and put like some straws and attach a piece of paper to it to make it easier to hit, and have 2 of those bots try to shut the other one down by hitting the switch :stuck_out_tongue:

i like the idea of putting the limit switch as a target… u can program it to completely disable the robot… i should try that…

The pieces i used were the starting kit, chain and sprockets ans tank tread x2

oh btw i updated the robot… i installed 2 more motors so now is 4wd and the camera is now mounted to the turret so is easier to aim… i will post more pictures later …

man i need to get a chain and sprocket kit lol…
i also made my little gatling gun be able to rotate on the 84 tooth gear :smiley: it works really nice but it turns to fast, so now i have to make it a 7/1 gear ratio with the little 12 tooth gear hehe. ill let ya know if i do anything else to it

Hey guys, im new on this forum, I recently bought a starter kit for $150 at radioshack. They were trying to get rid of everything because they are not going to sell them anymore. Every time i get some money i have been going there and buying some add ons. I need to get the programming kit, but they dont have any more of them. My first robot is a ruber band gatling gun bot. It has 2 drive motors i the rear, and 2 omni wheels in the front. The gun uses one of the medium gears to hold the ruber bands, and to shoot them. My gun has the ability to move up and down, and i can turn the whold bot side to side, almost on a dime because of the omni wheels. Ill try to get some pics and vid later. Once my check clears the bank, im gana go and buy the hardware upgrade, or maybee 2 to make sure i have enough parts. I am completely out of axles, and axle clamps (dont know if thats what they are called, the curcle things with a nut that tightens on the shaft)

you can get the axels at home depot or a hardware store … i got a 1/8" X 3 feet square bar for $2.74. also the hardware kit include more bars and collars…

you can also check out, the sell alot of cheap axles and bolts and screws for vex

thats a pretty kool design. i never thougth of making one. i tried it out for my self and my dog loves it. she tries to catch them.

in response to TX2000 (more like inquiry): could you tell me where you bought the camera, and maybe a little on how you built the tilt/pan device?

Sorry everybody but my first robot was lame. I do however have a picture of my first cool robot. Check it out. It’s in the battlebots thread. And I can safely say that it was pretty cool if very impractical. :wink:

I saw the picture - It is not cool.

The flamethrower bot looked pretty cool, under adult supervision :wink: . But for those of you not frequent to the ChiefDelphi forums, my vex bot looked like this.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

This robot was designed to play the 2005 FRC game called Triple Play. I currnetly just made “Vexie VI”. The arm is now gear driven, mounted at the rear end and a bit less weight.


Where did the camera come from. Is it wireless?

How did u set up ur camera?
did u transmit the video to a labtop or what?