My four wheel bot with gear driven design to turn the front wheels

I have created a fairly simple four wheel bot. It uses one motor to turn the front wheels. The design uses gears and connecting rods to turn the wheels. The motor is geared down by a factor of 3 to turn the wheels.

I also use a differential to drive the rear wheels. The drive motor is geared up by a factor of 4.5, so the bot moves fairly quickly.

Here is a photo of the turning gearing:



Here is the rear wheel differential:


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And here is the entire bot:


Cool! How powerful do you think the drive is?

You can actually add a second motor on the left side of the bot, driving the same shaft. I suspect this increases the driving torque. I tried it once, and I could not tell that the 2nd motor made a difference. I might do more testing to see if I notice any difference.

Very cool!
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How big Is it? Also, nice job!

I am not sure what you are asking.

I used parts from 3 different kits. I have the super kit, Tombstone, and the Catapult Launcher from HexBug. The rear wheels are the 200 mm wheels from the Super Kit. I also have the huge wheels from Tombstone. I think they are 250 mm travel. I wonder if a single motor would be able to drive them. Hmmm…

He means size
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If you include the front bumper, it is 12" long, 10" wide, and 5" tall. From the front wheel axle to the rear is 7". From the left to right steering wheel, it is 9".

Dunno how much it weighs. The 2000 mAH battery is pretty heavy.