My intake's chains keep snapping off of my robot

When I am deploying my tray, or even when I am intaking cubes, my intake’s chains keep snapping off my robot. I already tried replacing my chains, but this problem keeps showing up repeatedly. Is there anything I can do about this?

there is the chinese style intakes you can do:
or just make the chains more sturdy


Will these pose any difference to my intake?

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Thank you, I’ll try to implement this when I get a chance to see my robot.

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And how would I make the chains more sturdy?

less chain, and they will pose a diff. they will make it better

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our team has previously had issues with that. Check that the intake chain (if youre using the popular track and flap design) isnt getting caught on your cube tray. We’ve had to work with that one a lot

Make the chain SUPPPPPER tight and that should fix it

Beware: too tight will increase friction greatly.
But yess, increasing tension helps

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