My intakes need help

image My intakes worked on Friday, but now they just magically don’t work. I tried a couple things, but they didn’t work. It is having trouble doing over 7 cubes. I need help desperately. image image|375x500 image

could you send a video of the intake intaking? Do the rollers just stop or do they spin but don’t push the cubes up.

They kinda just stop when they get to 7 or 8

It wouldn’t let me do a vid

Ok here there are three things to take in mind. Do they seem to not have enough power when reaching 6-8 cubes? Do you have to much compression? Or do you not have enough? Are the intake lose and not locked up

Yeah it’s kind of like they don’t have enough power

So you are telling me they stop when they should be spinning at 6-8 cubes?

What is your motor speed at and what gear box it is doing

If so you should consider first of by taking the axil from the motor out and trying to spin it freely to see if this is locked up and causing your motor to loss power. If this does not work then try using a 100RPM or RED gearbox for more power to stop it from not spinning. If this doesent work you need to consider your compression and it can be way to much.

I didn’t even do anything to it from the competition on friday

I know I.might not be any help since you know me but I would check the drive shafts. And also check if the motors are still running at the same speed along with how my rpm it is running at. If not then try a replacement motor and see if it fixes it. Your motor. Might just be burned.

Maybe you can try two motors on each if you have enough?

Or change the Rpms so they are faster

making the intakes faster would actually make the problem worse…

No you should not be trying to make it faster as it seems he is already having trouble spinning it alone.

I am using 8 motors.

Ok so can you explain what is exacly happening when you get too the 7-8 cube. Does it spin or does it not move but trying too?

It tries to, but can’t spin

switching the 24t gear to 18 t could help. also, why is the front sprocket smaller?

Ok, so I have had this problem before. First, I would consider taking the axil out of were the motors turns. Just pull it out of the motor. See if the chain itself can spin freely and is not hard to spin. This can cause it not having enough power. IF you know, it is not this; try first testing the compression on the bot to see if it is too much, and you can reduce it so it can spin easy. If this does not work, I suggest you switch the motor to a RED gearbox. (Give more power so the motor can spin and not get stuck).