"My Journey"

Come check out 9932E’s promote award video and start your journey!!

is this… Jericho i see? ive seen your robot in competition, i love it

yessir! that’s us!

Ouch, another cap flipper team :frowning: but asian team :wink:

Asian team? Thought this team is from NY?


We’re from Jericho High School, Long Island New York!

follow our insta @etin.9932e for new bot updates :slight_smile:
change is to come!

Congratulations to all team members!

It’s a great job to succeed at all!

Greetings from Brazil!

I have made some components to add to V5 if you want to check follow the links:

CASE PRO V5 FIE - VEX Robotics

Shape Optimization - PRO V5 FIE - VEX Robotics

Think he means the team members are of Asian descent :stuck_out_tongue: