My Micro-controller by broke

My team has been busy building away on our robot for the upcoming season and we have run into a problem where our micro-controller doesn’t seem to be working. It registers when i plug it into my computer and i can download programs without a hitch, However it cant stay connected to our controller even when it is plugged directly in via the USB a to a cable. We currently don’t have any way to charge our batteries which may be one problem but even when i have it hooked up to my computer and i try to test the motor ports it only runs for a few seconds before all the lights turn red on the micro-controller. I have tried reseting both the joystick and the micro-controller and still the problem persists. I didn’t know if anyone else had experienced this problem and if they had how they had solved it. Id like to use this micro-controller but i don’t want to throw it away without a confirmation about it. Any help is much appreciated.

Not sure if I’m understanding this correctly, but if the 7.2V battery attached to your robot is flat, then there is no way it will be running properly with the 5V from the usb connection. Just get a new battery in it and NEVER throw away a microcontroller as almost any error can be repaired.

Whenever ours didnt work they seemed to catch fire. Just be careful.

Yes, start by using a “real” battery, until you are doing this there’s no point in trying to debug it. Why can’t you charge them ?

If you can download over USB then it’s probably OK.

The motors and digital IO will not work when powered from USB, if the power is marginal then any small voltage drop due to the running software will cause it to reset.

Thank you all!

So what happened, is it working now?