My new robot!

This is my newest robot, it uses the gripper that i just got and a much larger frame than i used last time.

The arm does not protrude out of the robots length so it wont hit anything. The arm has a 200 Degree motion so it can be fully extended forward to grab something and then rotate all the way back for a compact like design.

I have been able to pick up heavy soup cans with this arm and this is funny.

My dog is scared of vex, she runs away from the sound of the motors but when i put a dog treat in the arm she came and bit the gripper to get the treat! lol

Here are some pictures

Tell me what you guys think of this, this is the first robot that i was able to successfully integrate the robotic gripper with positive results.

Nice Robot, good job Robofreak! Wonder how you came up with the model.

Could you post a couple of close up pics of the arm?

Yeah, i really like your robot robofreak. Can you please show some larger images of your arm. I wanna inspect its features for my upcoming regional competition.

By the way can you tell me the instructions needed to build the claw rotater thing that lets your claw go up and down, nice creativity! If you don’t mind, what parts did you buy for the robot, especially the claw swiveler thing that lets your vex claw go up and down. Was it just a starter kit with a Vex tank tread kit and a Vex claw?

I would really appreciate it if you could PM me with some info on that.

Thanks man

always a good robot by robofreak…are you going to cover it in the ventilation metal stuff?

I am not going to cover this with the ventilation metal as this is a large chassis its like 25x25 or 30x30 which would take all of the metal that i have.

Here are some close ups of the arm that you guys can look at

I am taking this robot apart now and i am making a speed tank that with move extremely fast around my house. It will be a small robot so armor plating will be put on it. As for a camera i have not decided if i am going to put that on it.

Ok i am selling my old laptop in a few days and i plan to use the money to buy the complete double acting cylinder set from vex but is there another place that i can buy hydrolics like this for cheaper?

VEX sells pneumatics not hydraulics, Hydraulics use fluid pneumatics use air.

I should clarify that statement hydraulics use hydraulic fluid, usually some kind of oil. Pneumatics use air gathered from a compressor which gets it from the air around you.

Air is after all a fluid…

Thank you robofreak for pming me about the claw rotator. I am very grateful for your assistance. Very nice job.

Guys check this out i just finished making my little super fast robot and it is pretty cool it zooms around my house but it can only drive fast on hard floors as it does not have much torque.

Here are some pictures

This is a good robot but i wish the motors had more torque so it would be more powerful but other than that it is a really fast robot (5x faster than my previous robots).

Wow nice job! Would be cooler if it could also go on carpet though. Looks kind of like my squarebot, except with a tank tread. :smiley:

Can your robot go up stairs? :confused:

lol i have yet to see a robot that can fully climb a stairway, i think im going to attempt!

I have a great idea for a stair climbing robot that i am going to work on if i can think of exactly how it will be done.

I plan on having a grapple gun, More like a dollar store dart gun souped up to have a grapple hook attached to the dart.

The robot will adjust the height of the gun and then fire with servos. It will then shoot over a large set of steps and hook on to something on the second floor.

From there the robot will use 2 motors in conjunction with the drive motors motors to wind up the twine on a spindle.

As the twine is wound on the spindle the robot will climb the stairs.

This might sound like a long shot but after really thinking about it i think that this might be plausible.

Tell me what you guys think of this idea!

definitly plausible, seems like my vex zip line challenge :smiley:

I am gona go to the dollar store and the hardware store to get parts for this, i am going to go with a the same chassis i used on my bumper bot and my spybot for this.

Do you guys know if they sell solenoid valves at Homdepot.

The only problem is that this is a one shot thing, if it does not latch on you have to manually load it again.

I think that i will build this to start and i will move up to a small air cannon so that this thing can really fire a large hook.

Also if the string, hook, and motors are strong enough this thing could climb a wall lol!

The dollar store dart guns did not work, they dont have enough power to throw a hook 20ft so i am building a high power knex gun which should lug it about 50ft lol!

Well, good luck with your knex gun!:smiley:

ditto, make sure to take lots of pics, even while building

I am not going to attach the grappling hook in the first version.

I need to get some parts to make an air cannon to lug the grappling hook.

Instead i am going to make the robot climb the string up the staris and i will attach the string on the second floor.