My new team still needs tons of help

so we are currentaly working on getting sponsors to help us pay for all the First fees, like registering, and the competitions, and we still have ALMOST all the parts we need for our robot, but we have barely any of the smaller parts, like clutches, shafts and shaft collars, gussets, and spacers and the like. but we would like to know if any teams have extra small parts to spare that would fit in a standard #10 envelope and would be willing to send them to us, we would be forever grateful, just message me and we can get you any of the info. you might need…it would help us out so much!
~Thanks Annie

im sure a team can help, post on the chief delphi forum too, youll get loads more responses,and try and hunt down teams going to the regionals you’re going to

BTW clutches come with the motor, or are you looking for spares?

It’s late in the season, when is your regional?

Unfortunatly those are the things that we, and I’m guessing most teams, often run out of. There was a period of time where we were ordering shaft collars every week.(3 teams and 2 robots per team uses them up quickly) Try getting each team member to chip in a little. It doesn’t take much.

if your team really does want to go the distance, you should ask them to pitch in, if it’s the small parts maybe $5 each. Our team pitched in like $50 total and were able to get some parts.
so you should definitely try asking

spare clutches, we’ve got like 2 good ones. and I’m going to post on cheif delphi today. we’re trying to find some teams at our Feb. Regional, thanks

that’s the only issue, so far we only have two members, and our mentor already has had to pay for our starter kit and extra metal out of pocket (from a college kid that’s a lot to ask)

is this annie from wheeler?
if so let me know what you guys need and i’ll see what i have in the shop,
also if you guys need any help just let me know.

Also let us know also. Between both our teams I am sure we can get you what you need to keep building. Clutches we are barely keeping our own, but we do have more gussets, shaft collars, spacers, etc.

Perhaps you could take a moment and post exactly what you need, referencing the Vex kit or part numbers?

Drive Shaft Collars -which are scarce, I know
Drive Shaft, Square Bar pack-any number of them, we have like three shafts that are meduim and then 2 long ones
Threaded Beam-the two smaller sizes
8-32 Coupler -both sizes
Angle Gusset- like 6 more would be prefect
Angle Pivot- like 4 more would be great
All Purpose Wheel or Low Friction Wheel pack- 2 or either

that’s everything! anything at all you could spare, please let me know

With the sqaure barr you can go to home depot or lowes and get what is essentially the same thing.

You have mail

Send me an e-mail or PM or someway to contact you. We are in Stone Mountain and can arrange to get you some parts.