My New VEX YouTube Channel!

Hello!!! What’s up!!!

So recently someone found me on VEX Forum and asked me for help for PID programming specifically. I am gracious that someone seeks my help and trusts me so much, therefore I decided to do something I planned for a long time – a VEX robotics oriented YouTube channel.

Because I am graduating in high school at 6pm this evening, this means I cannot access any VEX parts or ROBOTC environment. That really sucks especially when I am doing a programming tutorial series, but I feel like there’s no better time to start it. Like what I said in videos, PID is something that’s still not publically discussed enough on the Forum. And like gear ratio or game strategy, PID should be brought out and known by everybody so that the overall technology and programming skill set of VRC can significantly increase.

However, that being true, my concern is that although everything I type in videos are proven to work on my Skyrise robot, I still might make a typo or something. I would be extremely gracious if anyone can point out my typos in videos and I will be happy to correct them in later videos.

I persume that after I go to college and get free softwares, I will start making better videos and thumbnails with better tools. I apologize for the low qualities of the videos I am making right now, because free trial of Screencast-o-matic and windows 7 paint are all I am able to use to create everything. Actually the graphics are pretty nice…

I plan to still heavily focus on the technology/programming aspect, perhaps doing more experimental videos reporting some of my experiments on VEX parts. My personal favorite, motors. Scouting in VEX is also another part I wanna cover – perhaps a biweekly scouting video compiling tournaments, reveals, amazing matches on youtube and cool things on forum in the past two weeks. I personally have been watching VEX videos on a daily basis since the release of Skyrise, and I have subscribed around 200 channels that ever published anything VEX related, so I feel like summing them up and letting you, a part of VEX community, know the gist of where the highest level is in certain points of the season.

Because I am not likely going to play NBN, I guess I would make a few designs on my own and offer some inspiration and ideas as time goes. But don’t expect much strategy talk from me – one must play the game to have the authority to talk about strategy.

So, take a look if you love VEX robotics, wanna know more about VEX, or just generally get turned on by VEX match videos on YouTube.

Channel URL
A PID programming tutorial series in ROBOTC, in progress

Thanks for your support. I love VEX Robotics.

Love, MartinMaVEXForever

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I will make sure to subscribe before Friday! I’ll keep our team updated on your videos and make sure they better themselves and strive to do extra as you did. I’ll most likely subscribe after school tomorrow when I go to work on our prototypes.

Also, since I doubt I will see you again, and if I do it might be a while, I’d like to congratulate you on graduating and for the fantastic speech from tonight! (Couldn’t find you in the crowd after the tossing.) I wish you luck at Georgia Tech and I hope you have a successful future in the field of engineering!


Thanks for the nice words. I had this feeling from the very beginning that you would be the future technical core and leader when our mentor kept telling me you were leading others to mess around with B team’s robot without permission… Great memory. Keep that enthusiasm going.

Keep the good in our team going, okay? The more you put into it, the more everybody gets out of it. That’s always been true in my years in VEX. Know that just by learning and getting us better, you are changing everyone around you in a good way.

Good luck to you and to our team’s future,