My next idea!?!?!?

What about using neumatics as a puncher that is located under the object! So you use the conveyor belt to intake it, then it sends it down to a flat surface where the puncher using neumatics is located?!

Once again, I will say that pneumatics won’t last that long, and they may not have enough power. Furthermore, it will be complicated to get a conveyor belt system to efficiently intake the stars. Assuming you had infinite air and got the conveyor belt to work, a puncher is a pretty inefficient way to transfer energy into this year’s game objects. It will be extremely hard to consistently hit the stars, and as the cube is basically a pillow, the puncher will have little to no effect.

I agree with Mystical Pie, I just don’t think that the air reservoirs will be able to hold enough air to get enough hits in, plus, you can make a fairly good puncher/launcher using the 2 motors that you lost while using pneumatics.