My PC crash our V5 brain when we plug it in

Our team recently acquired a V5 kit, including a brain. But when I plug it in my computer for VexCode, my laptop shows an error as it doesn’t recognize the device, and the brain stop functionning (the screen freeze and the off button doesn’t work). I tried multiple things but nothing works.
Maybe the brain has a problem ?
Thanks ?

You posted about this yesterday.

You need to be able to swap things out and see what makes a difference, swap to a different PC (is this a PC or Mac ? What OS version ? ) swap cables, a different USB port, and a different brain if you have one.


My step by step process would first identify what the V5 Brain has in terms of VEXos - meaning you are able to turn on the brain, go to the Devices app, select the brain and see the Firmware version, and unique device ID of the Brain. Baby steps.

My next step would be to see if Brain will connect to laptop/chromebook using Chrome browser and go to - this approach may work or may not depending how old your laptop device is. But still not a bad idea to try.

It would be helpful to know the specifics of the computer you are trying to connect to the V5 Brain - like Apple MacBook with M2 processor running … I know James would go nuts if I said that V5 Brain is not working if I tried connecting it to a NeXT Computer with a 68040 chipset and NeXTDimension graphics board under NeXTstep 3.3 with Y2K update.

Physical connection between V5 Brain and computing device matters - you can really muck things up using random microUSB to whatever cable … if the cable is design for charging only - then don’t be surprised things might not work so great…

Details matter.


Haha, did that even have a USB port ?


The cable of the kit worked fine on the controller, so I thought it wasn’t the problem. But I did like you said, and try to connect the brain with an other cable… and it worked ! (why ? no idea)
I feel kinda stupid honestly to not have tried this before, I checked the most complicated potential solutions and the right one was that simple. :neutral_face: :man_facepalming:

well the big guy does not - but pretty sure we can find a rs232 to USB adapter :slight_smile: the top cube has rPi 4 - maybe one day DWAB will release TM for rPi and I can put a whole tourney in my backpack :slight_smile:

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Also thanks y’all for the help ! :blue_heart:

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