My polls may take long but i learned somthing

As of 10:34 PM February 26 these r the top rated things the robotics ppl like (the statistics r in order of high to low)

Favorite type of musil{…Rock!!!

Top 3 bands… AC/DC(45.45%), Metallica(36.36%), and Green Day(36.36%)

71.43% of ppl have exp. in the field of electronics/robotics

Top 3 TV Shows…Mythbusters(94.44%), Dirty Jobs(44.44%), and House(27.78%)

Top 3 snacks r OREOS!!, PIZZA, AND CHEEZ-ITS

If Any Comments Plz Submit

AC/DC, mythbusters, house, and cheez-its, and I have robotics experience It goes to show that people use polls.

Thank You!!!

I don’t think we needed a seperate thread for this, if people wanted to see what was top rated they would look in the thread itself and post their comments there. No need to create too many off-topic threads.

How is chit - chat off topic?:mad:

“Chit-Chat For everything un-related to Vex Robotics.”

I am sorry if some of you do not like what I am saying. last time I checked we do not life in a free country. As long as we follow certain guidelines we should be able to post what we want. and you can post what ever you want but just remember this is a chit chat thread and chit - chat is and I “Chit-Chat For everything un-related to Vex Robotics.”:wink:

well technically we live in a free country because technically that means no one is enslaved and for the part of freedom of speech/expression they still have guidelines as long as it does not fit under the column of endangering the public it is fine.

Exactly :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

THANK YOU ur the only 1 that understands me, everyone at school doesn’t understand.

i hate ppl who are annoying u and u tell them to go away and they reply back ‘it’s a free country’
they completely dont know what that means:mad:

I have noticed that the Chit-Chat forum does not display on the Portal Page, one must look under Forums, or New Threads to see if there is any Chit-Chat.

If you don’t like the Topics in Chit-Chat, don’t read the Chit-Chat forum…