My program is having some technical difficulties with itself

In my vexcode v5 my programming doesn’t show spin both motors. I have both motors set to individual(My robot only has two motors one for each front wheel).

There isn’t a block to make both motors spin at the same time. You could try and use a start spinning block and use that to make your own block. Alternatively, you could try using a drivebase.

Pretty sure that you can make a 2-motor drivetrain in robot config and that would give you the abilities to use these commands:

An alternative is making custom blocks to make your robot drivetrain drive forward, turn, set velocity, and everything that you would want to be able to do.

Another alternative for this current code that you have is to press the arrows on the right like this:
This makes a popup saying “and don’t wait”
The code is auto set to wait for every block to complete it’s action before the next action is started. This makes it so this block action starts as well as the next and then waits until both actions are completed to continue to the next action.