My rappelling robot!

I built this today, it is a pretty sturdy robot that is able to climb to another floor as well as descend from above.

I am going to see if i can improve on this robot later as it should be able to climb high obstacles so long as the string is secured tightly.

I have a grappling hook on this but it has to be manually attached with your hands, i want to make it so that you can attach it from the controller.

The whole unit functions great, it climbs slower than it descends but through some miracle 2 motors were able to lift this robot vertically without any problems.

A video of this will be finished soon and i will post the youtube link.

Here are some pictures.

Tell me what you think!

good job!
looks great.
just need to add a grappling shooting mechanism (if thats feasible…)

I had tried to make a shooting mechanism but if failed because it only shot the hook 5ft.

If i want to make a real grapple gun i am going to have to have an air powerd potato gun with a solenoid valve and a small air tank that can lob a hook a good 25ft+.

I just think that this is an interesting robot and ultimately i want it to be a giant spy bot capable of climbing.

Can you post more detailed pics of it (ie the mechanism that pulls it)??

sweet thats amazing!!! you should set up an obstacle cource on the wall and have a horizantal swing and you have to dodge stuff

Thats a good idea, i should try and make an obstacle course but making one on a wall would be tricky.

Here is the link to the youtube video.

The mechanism that climbs is simple, it is two motors and 2 standoff beams that spin which retract the string.

It does spin a little when you let the cable down and i am working on that, i plan on have 2 strings on 2 separate motors that retract so that it wont swing side to side.

Thats a awsome rappelling robot, i cant wait to get my robot kit and make somthing like that, it would be freaking sweet.

If you guys want any more pictures just tell me.

lol any more pictures are great, you seem to have a lot of robots, do you have a website?

No i am cataloging all of my robots so far i have 10 and i am keeping videos pictures and other stuff such as plans ect…

When i get to 50 i am going to create a website and post all of my robots or perhaps 25.