My Robot is only 1 inch above the limit

I made a robot that is one inch above the limit and i really have no clue what to do i have a 2x20 as my base for the arm but I want to be exatly on the limt so I do not waste any inches but if i put an 2x18 it is 13 inches, I do not know what to do. Will VEX allow me in the competitions.

Simply put, No they will not. You will not be able to pass inspection and therefore not be able to compete. These limits are usually enforced very well and are there to ensure that everyone has an even playing field.


don’t cut it this close. there are factors and tolerances your can’t account for. i recommend staying no less than 0.5” away from the limit. maybe 0.375” if you’re cutting it close


You really want to make sure you are in size correctly and a good amount too. Reason being the sizing tools are never perfect. They might be a little small or a little big and that makes a huge difference. So just make sure you a reasonably in 18”
Edit: sorry dint mean to say 18”. I didn’t see that is was iq. But what I just said should still apply I think. I don’t know how you guys size your robot

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yeah same here. ignore what i said about 0.5”. i said that cuz that’s the distance between vex edr holes but idk much about vex iq

At inspection they will most likely roll it through the sizing tool.

If it hits the top as you roll through it will not be allowed to compete. Most robots are VERY close, but cannot go over. If you have enough spare parts to build it I would reccommend it.

Size is one thing that they are never lenient on because it is easy to check and it is easy to fix (even if it essentially breaks your bot (You could take your arm off and then it would be legal)).


Yah but if you took off your arm the point to your robot is now useless

But But BUT, it is only 1 inch . Really it has to matter

If it has to matter I am going to throw my robot

my team during squared away almost got booted from the competition for being at the 11 inches. we were exactly 11 inches wide but the school who was running the competition was using crappy cheap cardboard cutouts with duck tape to measure our robots. then the continuously questioned our robots size through out the competition. they rechecked the size at least twice during the course of the day and were constantly trying to find reasons to discredit us through out the day. our B team was almost disqualified because they stayed within the driver box. so the lesson here is give them ample room so that you are not questioned for every thing you do.


I would suggest just taking a little bit of time. Maybe and hour or something and go do something to take your mind off it. Then once you feel you are ready go back to and and try and find a solution. There is always vex forum if you want help too getting it in size.

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one inch is significantly above sizing, I would suggest building a sizing tool so you can make sure you don’t have any more sizing oversights in the future. additionally, I would try to stay at least .5" under sizing in all dimensions, because sizing tools aren’t perfect and sometimes they catch on robots that are just barely within sizing. (speaking from a vrc standpoint, but I’d assume its the same in iq)

I’ve had too many close calls at events where my sizing tool at home worked, but the tool at the event caught because it was slightly too small, so now I make sure never to go above .5" from the limit.


It does matter though. 13/12 is about 1.08. You are 8 percent over the size limit. While 8% might not seam like a lot, would you want a surgeon do only do 92% of an operation?


I’m actually a little confused on what you mean here as I re-read it.

It’s 11x19x15. Every inch is 2 pitch. So you have 22x38x30 pitch… I’m not exactly which way your 2x20 is facing, but really shouldn’t be a problem in any direction.

Maybe post a picture?

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also a tip. are you at the length limit and what kind of arm are you using. because depending on this if you can lengthen your am which will give you more lift and you won’t have to put the arm so far up. you could also look into different types of lifts such as double reverse 4 bar, 6 or 8 bar linkages. a video or pictures of your robot would be very helpful and i would be happy to give you advice on it.


Yep I Just fixed it, My base takes about two inches of the robot so I moved the wheels little bit up just to make it 1 inch that makes the robot 13 inches, so I think my problem is solved